Terra Low 3.15 Dana / Spicer 20 Rebuilt Transfer Case

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Terra Low 3.15 Dana/Spicer 20

Rebuilt Transfer Case, LOW GEARS great for your crawler. Instead of the stock 2.03 low range ratio, this case has 3.15 low gear. Lower gears means more control off road. 

For example: Stock close ratio 4 speed 1st gear is 4.0 X Stock dana 20 low 2.03 X typical axle gear of 3.73 = 30.28 to 1 low range crawl ratio. Thats pretty fast. So now with the low gear case 4 X 3.15 X 3.73 = 46.99 which is considerably lower. 

Even offroad wheeling trucks can use it. Typical trucks would be set up like this: 6.25 1st gear of a wide ratio T19 4 speed X 2.03 stock Dana 20 X 5.13 axle gears = 65 to 1 low range.

Now if you're looking for ultimate offroad: 6.25  X 3.15 low gear X 5.13 = 100.99 to 1 low range!! Serious crawl gears there! 

Gears are used but does have New bearings, New seals, New intermediate shaft, new detent balls and springs. Rebuilt to factory specs with proper end play and lash. 

For use in your Scout II, Terra, Traveler and some Scout 800's

Does not include shift lever!

For Manual Transmissions only. An automatic bull gear can be purchased from terra low seperately though. 

Buyer pays shipping and is billed as a separate transaction.

$1499.99 without core

$1199.99 with usable core return

Buyer pays core return shipping