Discounted! Harvester Hardware Scout 80/800 Medicine Cabinet

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This one got dropped guys.

The damage is very minimal on the upper corner where the mounting flange is slightly bent and the powder coating is chipped.

Overall function is not affected. The door still closes and locks perfectly.

You are the only one that will know.

Please see pictures for details on appearance and condition.

Harvester Hardware Scout 80/800 Medicine Cabinets are a handy locking storage box.

Designed to fit the empty space in your rear cargo area. Lockable storage in a convenient location. Out of sight but accessable when needed. 

Durable Powder Coat "hammered finish".

Installation requires a hole cut into the passenger or drivers side rear inner bedside panel.

Comes with Installation instructions, template, keys, stainless hardware and gaskets.

Includes Free Shipping in the USA 🇺🇸