Harvester Hardware Scout II, Terra and Traveler 'Medicine Cabinet' Locking Storage

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Harvester Hardware Scout II Medicine Cabinets feature a lockable storage system for your Scout II, Terra and Traveler. We call them medicine cabinets because this is where you keep all the fluids and fixes for your scout! Holds 5 quarts of oil and ATF, a pint of brake fluid fits on the top shelf and theres still room for a small tool wrap. 

Terra and Travelers have enough room for 2 cabinets. Even more storage possibilities!

Durable Black Hammer Finish Powder Coat 

See our listing for locking seat bases, which can be keyed to match the Medicine Cabinet. The answer for hidden, lockable, secure storage without bulky consoles or crates that can slide around or be easily stolen.

Does require modification to the passenger side rear inner bed side panel.

Includes gasket, stainless hardware, template, stickers and instructions for installation.

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