NOS Internatonal Harvester A & B Series Truck Engine Front Mount 169173R1

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International Harvester
Front engine mounting support bracket

OEM Part number 169173R1

PLEASE see pictures and check against your existing parts and parts manual to ensure proper fit!

This part was indexed in MT Books 104 and 107

MT-104 Parts Catalog for International A & AC Models 100 through 1890 Truck

A-100 to A-180 Series

A-120-4x4 to A-160-4x4 Series

AC-150 to AC-1890 Series

AC-170-4x4 to AC-180-4x4 Series

ACF-170 to ACF-180 Series

ACF-170-6x6 to ACF-180-6x6 Series

173-FC, 183-FC Bus Chassis

Serial No. 501 & Up

MT-107 Parts Catalog for International B-100 to B-180 Models

B-100 to B-180 Series

B-120 4X4 to B-160 4x4 series

BC-150 to BC-1890 Series

BC-170 4X4 to BC-180 4X4 Series

BCF-170 to BCF-180 Series

BCF-170 6X6 to BCF-180 6X6 Series

173-FC, 183-FC Bus Chassis

Serial Number FB-SB-501 & Up

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